New York City Flashmob on May 5, 2012

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I’m posting this here on Tumblr to let everyone know that there will be a K-Pop flashmob in New York City (exact location still being decided) on Saturday May 5, 2012. This will be part of Avance Entertainment’s (a Korean Entertainment company) world K-Pop flashmob day! If anyone is in the area or would like to be apart of the flashmob, continue reading the information below! VVVVV

Here is the website where you can download the mashup MP3: www(dot)4shared(dot)com/mp3/DAOVgmAT/

*Please replace the (dot) with an actual dot —-> . For some reason, Facebook wouldn’t let me insert the original link. Some people have said that the website given didn’t work for them. Others said that the website told them they have to sign up. If this is the case, then reply to this message/inbox with your email address so I can send you the MP3 via email.

Here is the mashup’s list of songs in the order that they come up in the mashup:

1) I am the best - 2NE1

2) Fire - 2NE1

3) Gee - SNSD/Girls’ Generation

4) Genie - SNSD/Girls’ Generation

5) Run Devil Run - SNSD/Girl’s Generation

6) Sorry Sorry - Super Junior

7) Mr. Simple - Super Junior

8)Bo Peep Bo Peep - T-ara

9) Roly Poly - T-ara

10) Abracadabra - Brown Eyed Girls

11) I’m Going Crazy - Teen Top

12) Mister - Kara

13) So Cool - Sistar

14) Hot Summer - F(x)

15) Nu Abo - F(x)

16) Lucifer - SHINee

17) Heartbeat - 2PM

18) Good-Bye Baby - Miss A

19) Madonna - Secret

20) Hot Issue - 4 Minute

21) Shock - Beast

22) Diva - After School

23) Be My Baby - Wonder Girls

24) Fantastic Baby - Big Bang

The flashmob will be held on May 5, 2012 (exact location is still be decided but it will be held in New York). There is also a practice session that will be held for anyone who would like to get together and practice our flashmob’s routine. For more information on the practice, click here:

However, you DO NOT need to attend this practice if you want to be apart of the flashmob. The practice is voluntary. You can still practice on your own using the MP3 containing our flashmob’s mashup. Also, the practice session will be recorded and we will post the recordings on the group’s wall.

Our group can be found here:


~~~~If you have any questions, then just personally message/inbox me! v(^_^)

Avance Entertainment 2013 Global Audition (New York)

Hey everyone who is reading this! Avance Entertainment is a Korean Entertainment company that is going to be holding auditions this year in hopes of debuting international groups next year. Not only are they looking for Korean people, but they specifically said that they are looking for Non-Koreans/Non-Asians as well because they want to start opening up the Korean market to a more international level. The catch is, they are only going to go to 10 cities and the only way to have them come to you is to vote for your city. In order for your city to be chosen, you need at least 50 members to put together an application form and then send it to them. Me and my friends already voted for New York, New York but we still need more people. If you are interested you can vote for New York, New York here:

Also, if you would like to give me your name and email address so we can add your name to the group of people who want to submit an application to New York, please let me know and I’ll let the head of the group know. Even if you would like to give me your info. just to help support us to get New York listed as a possible candidate, let me know as well. Thanks Everyone. If you want to check out the rest of the page for more info., here is the link:

SHINING SHINee @ Music Bank Paris 120208 #9


Credit: INENVY source:

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[FULL] 120217 Jonghyun & Taemin @ tvN Opera Star

Credit: MissZinger93 @ YT via shawolindo

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[Info] Taiwan version of “THE FIRST” album


All the contents are the same except that it includes an additional calendar
There are 7 small calendar cards - printed on both sides - 14 Images in total

Credits : Taemin_小呆  // Image upload : soundtracklove  @ soompi 

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